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Nov 3, 2017


For Doctors

GastroIntestinal Endoscopy has been providing ‘Open Access’ gastrointestinal endoscopy services to the medical community and their patients across Brisbane and South East Queensland for over 30 years.

Our ‘Open Access’ or direct referral system allows for patients with a letter of referral, to be booked for routine gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures without prior consultation with the gastroenterologist. The patient must have few or no co-morbidities to access this service. Colonoscopy with polypectomy and upper endoscopy/gastroscopy are performed via the Open Access service.

To assist in patient selection for an Open Access procedure, please refer to the Guidelines for Referring Doctors reference. Our gastroenterologists can investigate patients between the ages of 15 and 85 through Open Access. For patients >85 years, please refer to an individual gastroenterologist via their private practice. Patients with a BMI >40 may be redirected for a private consultation or have their procedure booked into a hospital facility.

High risk endoscopic procedures such as ERCP, stenting, treatment of varices etc are not performed on an open access basis.

Once a doctor has written the referral, the patient must make a phone call to one of our four centres to make an appointment. The administration staff will give the patient an appointment date for the procedure/s.

If the patient is having a colonoscopy, the patient will also be given a date to attend a nurse consultation appointment (prep kit appointment). Our GIE colonoscopy patients are interviewed by specifically trained and registered gastroenterology nurses regarding their suitability and fitness for both the procedure and the preparation. A detailed medical history is taken. The patient receives detailed written information about the preparation and procedure including risks. They are advised in writing that if they wish to discuss all possible complications, they are not suitable for the open access system and should seek a formal consultation with an endoscopist prior to the procedure.

After the procedure the gastroenterologist will ring and discuss serious findings with the doctor and discuss them with the patient e.g. cancer, acute inflammatory bowel disease. The gastroenterologists will not routinely discuss normal or trivial findings with the patient following the procedure. The patient is given a typed report in their hand to take with them to discuss the findings with their doctor. The referring doctor also receives a copy of the procedural findings electronically (via Medical Objects) or via fax on the day of the procedure.

GIE will try as far as possible to schedule Open Access patients who have had previous procedures to have further examinations with the same gastroenterologist.

If the doctor refers a patient for a procedure on our GIE Open Access Referral forms, GIE will assume you want it done through the Open Access system. If you wish a consultation or to have the procedure organised with a particular doctor’s rooms, please direct the patient and the referral to the specific doctor’s rooms as our gastroenterologists also provide private procedural and consultation services from their individual private practices.

Thank you for considering GastroIntestinal Endoscopy as your preferred Open Access Endoscopy Service.